Community Benefit Program

The Community Benefit Program was announced in 2016 focusing on Danberry efforts volunteering in our community. The Danberry Co, Realtors; it’s Management Team, Agents and Staff, have collectively contributed more than 13,611 hours of community service to approximately 204 organizations, churches and schools in and around Toledo throughout the past two years as part of our Community Benefits Program. 

The Danberry Community Benefits Program is designed to increase and enhance the efforts by Danberry Family Members in giving back to the community by focusing attention on individual efforts and rewarding a select few of them on an annual basis.

Every member of the team is being encouraged to give at least 4 hours a year (June 1st –May 31st) back to the community in an activity that the individual selects. If requirements are met the team member is invited to an event with their spouse or significant other. At the event, 3 members of the Danberry Family will be selected by a panel of non-Danberry judges for their outstanding contributions. $1000, $500 and $250 will be awarded to the charities or activities of the 3 selectees.

The Danberry Co. Realtors and ProMedica have an existing and ongoing partnership, the Danberry Treasure Chest, which has supported local families for more than 24 years.  This collaboration has resulted in over 1.2 million dollars raised, assisting more than 1,000 local families at Toledo Children’s Hospital, with children facing severe chronic diseases.

“Most volunteers give of their time not for recognition but to help others. WE recognize that BUT we believe that by sharing our efforts, we can serve as a positive example to others which will result in motivating them to also volunteer.” Says Danberry, CEO, Lynn Fruth.

“At Danberry we firmly believe that we can best live our mission with strong leadership guiding the company and instilling from the top down the importance of serving others,” commented Danberry CEO, Lynn Fruth. 

Giving back to the community is vital to our company’s mission. We have several fundraising events throughout the year including the Danberry Golf Outing and the Danberry Treasure Chest. It is important to Danberry that our agents become involved in local organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. It is the reason we started the Danberry Annual Community Benefit Event two years ago.

Any agent that volunteers for at least 4 hours throughout the year is invited to attend the event, which was held at Hollywood Casino Toledo. A non-Danberry panel of judges picks 3 agents who deserve extra recognition for their outstanding achievements.  Donations are given to the organizations of their choice.


The first place $1,000 check to The Ability Center was given in recognition of M.J. Skip Gaynor, II and Judy Stone for their time working with the Old West End Association, Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence, The Ability Center, Open World Leadership Center, Toledo Gay Pride, The Victory Center, Toledo Uptown Zombie Crawl and the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development.


The second place $500 check to The Toledo Junior Academy was given in recognition of Heather Smith-LaPoint‘s contribution to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Toledo Junior Academy, Cherry Street Mission and First Adventist Church.


The third place $250 check to LifeLine Toledo was given in recognition of Julie Wood‘s contribution to LifeLine Toledo.

“Most volunteers give of their time not for recognition, but to help others. We recognize that but we believe that by sharing our efforts, we can serve as a positive example to others which will result in motivating them to also volunteer,” says Danberry CEO Lynn Fruth.

Together, the Danberry team volunteered more than 13,611 hours from June 2018 until the end of May 2019. We’re so proud of all our agents for their hard work and dedication to the community. We look forward to another successful Community Benefit in 2020!